Dr. Roy's research interest is to study dynamical systems emerging from the natural world using an interdisciplinary approach and by collaborating with researchers from various disciplines. Specifically, the central theme of his research is to study of interactions (or coupling) in complex dynamical systems. His research has a threefold aim:
1. to understand real-world systems, where the relationship between the interacting components lead to complex emergent behavior,
2. to develop data analysis techniques that can be deployed to learn the features of real-world interactions, and
3. to develop control algorithms and build biologically-inspired robust systems, for example developing cooperative control in multi-robot teams using graph-theoretic and agent-based modeling approaches.

Dr. Roy joined CSUN in Fall 2019 as a tenure-track assistant professor. In Spring 2020, he has founded the Complex Dynamical Systems Laboratory and is currently initiating research in new directions. For more information, please visit: https://sites.google.com/vt.edu/subhradeep-roy/home

  • Ph.D. Engineering Mechanics 2017, Virgina Tech
  • M. Tech Mechanical Engineering 2012, Indian Institute of Technology
  • B.E Mechanical Engineering 2010, Indian Institute of Engineering Science & Technology

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