Marcella “Marcy” De Veaux, PhD, is a professor of Journalism at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) and a Depth and Liberation Psychologist.
As Associate Director, Faculty Development and a Facilitator for the Institute of Transformative Teaching and Learning at CSUN, her aim is to assist in closing the opportunity gaps among students by engaging in self-reflection, personal development and equity minded practices in the classroom. She and a team of faculty conduct monthly workshops and learning opportunities for faculty.
De Veaux serves as Chair of the Educational Equity Committee (EEC), whose mission is to promote respect for the diversity of the CSUN community. Under her leadership the committee conducts workshops and presentations for CSUN faculty on the value of diversity and inclusion, as well as mentoring pre-tenured/probationary faculty through the RTP process as an avenue to retaining educators of color.
For the University, she created and conducted workshops for faculty and staff titled, Rooting Out Unconscious Bias: How Do You See the World? which presents the science behind unconscious bias.
In the Department of Journalism, De Veaux organized workshops on diversity, equity, inclusion, and cultural competency for faculty, staff and students, around the split that divides our nation - race, class, gender, geography, and generation. She designs half and full day workshops for faculty on building a culturally competent curriculum and classroom.

  • Ph.D. 2011, Pacifica Graduate Institute
  • M.A. 2005, Pacifica Graduate Institute
  • M.S. 1985, Lesley College
  • B.A. 1981, Bradford College

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