Quick Facts

Grew up

Suburbs of Chicago, next to a swamp

Teaching Areas of Interest

Genetics, Introductory Biology for majors and non-majors, Molecular Genetics

Research Areas of Interest

How and why genes are turned on and off in the immune system and in blood cancers like lymphoma and leukemia.

One thing that inspires me to do my research is...

curiosity and the pleasure of passing on my enthusiasm for science to my students.

How has your personal background influenced your work at CSUN?

I was completely broke in college eating ramen noodles and PBJ sandwiches. I understand the struggles of college life, but also insist that fun can be cheap and can still mean getting great grades.

“When I am grading, I make sure I... am in a good mood.”

What is your educational history?

Illinois State University
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Why do you like to work here?

My colleagues and students are the best. Where else can you spend all day surrounded by people who love science and also love to have fun?