Quick Facts

Grew up

Bangalore, India

Teaching Areas of Interest

Media and Gender, Feminist Theory, Intersections of Gender, Race, Class and Sexuality

Research Areas of Interest

Media and Gender, Intercultural, Race Issues in Media

One thing that inspires me to do my research is...

feeling invested in what I'm studying.

How has your personal background influenced your work at CSUN?

I am an immigrant, who has found a second home at CSUN and in LA. So I relate to students and faculty who might begin as "outsiders" for various reasons. I love being part of their new community that helps foster a sense of belonging here at CSUN.

“When I am grading, I make sure I... treat myself later.”

What is your educational history?

DePauw University
Pepperdine University
University of New Mexico

Why do you like to work here?

First and foremost, the students. I love the diversity here. It is exactly the population I want to serve. Second, I love L.A. and love living here. Third, I love working in Gender and Women's Studies where students are passionate about what we teach. Also, we have an amazing College (Humanities).