I am a Geomorphologist ! My teaching focuses on water resources, river channel behavior, field surveying, and California. My goal is to help students learn useful ideas and tools and be able to get employment they enjoy and in which they get to think for themselves. For the past four years I have been working on a student-inspired program on applications of drone mapping in landscape analysis and environmental restoration. The drone program has advanced to a course with 26 students and 6 graduate students involved in the bridge-building work of using drones to increase the value of GIS mapping and enhance environmental analysis with original data.

My service includes prior work on ERC (though in non-continuous terms), LRC (many years ago), Research and Grants, and more recently, the search for the DFO for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences . At the department and college level my service has been dominantly in Personnel, Curriculum, and a variety of committees in support of the Geography program.

As always, my goals are student-centered--to work with our students to develop creative approaches through learning non-traditional methodologies leading to, hopefully, the generation of questions about the physical and human environments.

And finally, my research is centered on understanding the changes in stream channel flow, sediment transport, and landscape change in response to climatic and tectonic forces.

  • Ph.D. 1983, University of California Los Angeles

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