Bernardo Alexander Attias is Professor of Communication Studies at California State University, Northridge with research specialties in rhetorical studies, cultural studies, performance studies, technology, and freedom of speech. He has served on numerous administrative positions including Department Chair, Graduate Coordinator, Chair of Department Personnel Committee, Graduate Studies Committee, Undergraduate Studies Committee, Assessment Coordinator, etc. He has published on the politics of psychoanalysis, on transgressive sexualities and consent law, and on popular music culture. His teaching includes courses on classical rhetorical theory, freedom of speech, crime and punishment, peace and conflict, postmodern theory and cultural studies. He coedited the book DJ Culture in the Mix: Power, Technology, and Social Change in Electronic Dance Music (Bloomsbury). Recent published essays include “Authenticity and Artifice in Rock and Roll” in Rock Music Studies, “Police Free Gay Slaves: Consent, Sexuality, and the Law” in Left History, and a coauthored chapter on “Female Supremacy and Feminist Heterotopias” for a collection published by L’Harmattan in France. He also coedited the “Nasty Womanifestos” special issue of Women & Language. Dr. Attias is also a DJ and occasional performance artist.

  • Ph.D. 1997, University of Iowa
  • B.S. 1988, Northwestern University

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