Doris Abrishami started at CSUN as an adjunct faculty in 2000 and have been a full time tenure track faculty since 2014. She received all her degrees from CSUN and proud to be a matador ! During her time at CSUN, Doris has successfully developed a mentoring relationship with past and present CSUN students. Current industry practitioners who are graduates of Radiologic Sciences program often come back to CSUN as alumni to serve CSUN and give back to their community and mentor other students. Doris finds mentoring , advising, and career planning for students to be the most rewarding experiences of her career. Her research interests are cultural competency education and mentoring in the allied health majors. Doris uses variety of methods to teach concepts of ethics, professionalism, inclusion, and diversity in Higher Education and she enjoys dissemination of her research findings with the imaging educators and colleagues across the country.

  • Ed.D Education 2018, CSUN
  • M.A. 2013, California State University, Northridge
  • B.S. 1997, California State University, Northridge

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