Erin Bray, Ph.D.

Erin Bray, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor, Hydrologic Science & Fluvial Geomorphology, Water Science Program - Geography and Environmental Studies

Erin Bray conducts field and modeling research in rivers. Her research is focused in river systems science, fluvial geomorphology, and hydrologic science and in the application of river science to water resources management and river restoration. Her research seeks quantitative understanding of hydrologic and geomorphic processes in river systems and floodplains at human and ecological timescales, ranging from a single storm event to several centuries, and across a broad range of spatial scales. Her approach uses field observations, modeling, and theory to (1) predict the effects of human activities to rivers and water resources, and (2) generate insights that can be used to anticipate or adapt to freshwater challenges in unexpected ways.

Nearly all of her projects are focused on river systems, and are organized around four main themes:
(1) sediment transport and the mechanics of flow and sedimentation in rivers,
(2) stream temperature and the hydroclimatic processes that partition water and energy,
(3) hyporheic exchange and the fluxes of water and its constituents, and
(4) environmental flows and the alteration of habitat downstream of dams.

  • Ph.D. 2013, University of California Santa Barbara
  • M.A. 2005, Brown University
  • B.S. 2003, Cornell University

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Assistant Professor, Hydrologic Science & Fluvial Geomorphology, Water Science Program

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