My research focuses on egalitarianism, the theoretical methodologies most suited to achieving it, and its relationship to oppression based on race, class, and gender. Besides political philosophy and theory, my work engages with economics, law, and sociology. I have also published some work on Spinoza's metaphysics. See all my work here:

“Housing Markets,” The Routledge Companion to Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, forthcoming
Book review: Kasper Lippert-Rassmussen, Making Sense of Affirmative Action, Ethics 2021 131:4, 786-790
“Affirmative Action is not Morally Wrong,” Chapter 17 in Ethics: Left and Right; edited by Bob Fischer (Oxford: 2019)
“Rawls’s Socialism and Pure Procedural Justice,” Ethical Perspectives 26:2 (2019)
“Amartya Sen’s Nonideal Theory,” Ethics & Global Politics 12:2 (2019)
"Procedural Justice and Affirmative Action," Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 19:2 (2016)
"Infinite Modes," in Spinoza: Basic Concepts, edited by Andre Santos Campos (Imprint Academic: 2015)
“Two Kinds of Definitions in Spinoza’s Ethics,” The British Journal for the History of Philosophy 19 (2011)

More information here:

  • Ph.D. 2011, University of Virginia
  • B.A. 2003, University of California Los Angeles

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