Marquita M. Gammage is a Full Professor and Chair of the Africana Studies Department at California State University, Northridge (CSUN). She earned her PhD in African American Studies from Temple University, a M.A. in Africana Studies from SUNY Albany, and a B.A. in Political Science from Howard University. Dr. Gammage research examines the calculus of media effect on the sustainability of anti-African racist ideologies through the intersection of media, culture and technology. By analyzing current popular media productions (reality TV, television dramas, social media, etc.) paired with an Afrocentric historical and cultural lens, her research demonstrates how the continued misrepresentations of Black womanhood and Black families in the media and society in general can be predictive of future public policy initiatives that endanger the freedom and liberties of African Americans.
Dr. Gammage is a strong advocate for equity and justice in higher education. Her research explores racial equity, racial literacy and academic success of African American students, high impact practices and asset-based pedagogy. She has served as an equity faculty affiliate for student success, research lead for Excellencia Leveraging Big Data for Equity in Student Success and is the research co-lead for the CSUN Identity-Based Resource Centers Project.

  • Ph.D. 2011, Temple University
  • M.A. 2007, State University of New York at Albany
  • B.A. 2006, Howard University

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