As an academic, my main goals are to combine solid content with effective delivery and promote knowledge.
My work as a journalist since 1995 and VP of communications for FVS since 2000 provides another layer of knowledge and credibility.
Have high expectations for students and myself; we lead by example.
Seek to engage students and enhance performance through expectation, authentic praise, mentoring, and discourse.
Find students learn more when lessons make real-world connections and promote unity and fun.
Follow William James in terms of class discipline: the “art of being wise is knowing what to overlook.”
Everyone carries a kernel of greatness. Our job as educators, I believe, is to help students find that greatness. We are growing the next generation of leaders, business owners, change agents and educators. With this keystone in place, I hold my role as an educator in high regard and love teaching at CSUN.
(Not sure how this happened?) Won the Inspired2Educate Award (scholarship) from PeopleAdmin (thank you, PA!) in March 2017. Honored by the National Assn. of Real Estate Editors in 2009 (best freelance collection) and June 2017 (best residential real estate story) for my work in the Los Angeles Times.
British born. Met Steve Hofmann (Swiss spelling) in 1993. Mother to three. Travel bug. Bookworm. Gardener. Always looking to grow, try, embrace change.
Secret to success? Show up. Work hard. Add a pinch of luck. Repeat.
#Grateful2teach@CSUN #GoMatadors

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