Mirna Sawyer is an Assistant Professor in Public Health in CSUN’s Department of Health Sciences. Her research interests include family and adolescent food decisions, school and community food environments, and overweight and obesity. She and Dr. Nellie Duran (Dept of Family Consumer Sciences) with the support of a Magaram Center Faculty Research Support grant and other internal CSUN grants have conducted the Latino Food Environment Study (LFE) in Sun Valley and South Central. The LFE’s aim was to explore Latino teen food behaviors, BMI, and the family dinner approach in the San Fernando Valley and South Central Los Angeles. Dr. Sawyer and Dr. Duran have worked with multiple public health and nutrition/dietetics students for this research project.

Dr. Duran, Dr. Sawyer, and Dr. Annette Besnilian will also test the efficacy of the extended parallel process model of persuasion (EPPM) to implement a nutrigenomics intervention for pre-diabetes patients in Fall 2018-Spring 2019, with support from the Lebowitz Research Fund.

Dr Sawyer and Dr. Duran also have an ongoing partnership with Grimmway Schools (GS)(Arvin) to test how their unique model (scratch school lunches, wellness policy no junk food on campus, edible schoolyard gardening and cooking classes, integrated curriculum) impacts overweight and obesity in their student population as well as the families of those students. Multiple student research and service projects have been aligned with the GS research umbrella.

  • Ph.D. 2015, University of California Los Angeles
  • M.P.H 2005, Emory University
  • B.A. 2000, Stanford University

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