Dr. Nayereh Tohidi is a Professor and former Chair of the Gender & Women Studies Department and the founding Director of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies (MEIS) at CSUN. As a Research Associate at the Center for Near Eastern Studies of UCLA, she has also coordinated the Bilingual Lecture Series on Iran since 2003. Dr. Tohidi's expertise includes gender and development, women's movements, feminism and Islam, and ethnic issues in the Middle East and Central Asia. She was the recipient of several grants and post-doctoral fellowships. Dr. Tohidi's extensive publications include authorship or editorship of three books, and many book chapters, refereed journal articles, book reviews, creative works and interviews. She has integrated transnational human/women's rights activism with excellence in academic work and scholarship, including frequent media appearances and public lectures at international conferences as invited keynote speaker or panelist. She has also served as a consultant to the United Nations (UNICEF and UNDP) and represented a few transnational women NGOs at both the third and fourth World Conferences on Women in Nairobi and Beijing sponsored by the UN.

  • Ph.D. 1983, University of Illinois
  • M.A. 1978, University of Illinois
  • B.S. 1974, University of Tehran

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