UPDATED: 20220119
COMP 110L-7118-SP2022 Zoom Link: https://csun.zoom.us/j/89595498989

If you are trying to add to one of my courses, you will need to attend the
very first lecture of the course in order to be placed on the add list. No exceptions.

Permission numbers will be available after the first week of class.
Once permission numbers become available, you will be asked to provide an unofficial
transcript to show completion of prerequisites.

If you are present on the first lecture, then you will be placed on the add list
and be eligible to enroll. I can only add students if there is a physical seat available
in the room.

Unfortunately, I am unable to add students that are not present on the first day of lecture
due to the amount of material that gets covered on the first lecture/week. Saturday courses
are compressed in nature as we get only 14 sessions to cover 14 chapters + examination.

Be advised that Saturday classes *usually* start the weekend before weekday classes.

Past start dates:
Spring 2017: Saturday, 1/21
Fall 2017: Saturday, 8/26
Spring 2018: Saturday, 1/20
Fall 2018: Saturday, 8/25
Spring 2019: Saturday, 1/22
Fall 2019: Saturday, 8/24

See the official, campus-wide Academic Calendar here:

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