Ph.D. and Master Degrees in Electrical Engineering IIT, BHU and Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering, University of Gorakhpur. Awards: Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, Large research grants from US Department of Defense for silicon based optical metal-semiconductor field effect transistor (MESFET) high speed optical modulators and demodulators and SiC and GaN based optically triggered MESFET for high speed and high power actuators from 2005 to 2009 and 2012 to 2016 respectively. Present research: wide bandgap (WBG) semiconductor devices simulations, WBG materials epitaxial growth and bandgap engineering, WBG materials characterization and WBG devices fabrication development for SiC and GaN MESFETs and AlGaN-GaN high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) for high power and high frequency applications, high power devices for electric vehicles, solar blind photodetectors and other photonics devices, terahertz devices for bio-medical and national security systems . Publications: Approx. 26. Graduate Project: Approx. 65

  • Ph.D. 1989, Institute of Technology Banaras Hindu University
  • M.Tch 1984, Institute of Technology Banaras Hindu University
  • B.E 1981, University of Gorakhpur

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