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Teaching Areas of Interest

Tax Law

Research Areas of Interest

How tax law affects behavior, how societal forces affect the evolution of tax law.

One thing that inspires me to do my research is...

the possibility of discovering something new and adding to the body of knowlege.

“When I am grading, I make sure I... provide students specific and constructive feedback that is helpful.”

Image of Rafi
Image of Rafi

What is your educational history?

I graduated with an Accounting degree Magna Cum Laude from CSUN. After becoming a Certified Public Accountant in the state of Illinois, I obtained my law degree from the University of Southern California. I then practiced law for five years as an in-house counsel to a Los Angeles based financial institution. I then became a Fellow for one year at Stanford University’s interdisciplinary program in international law. I subsequently obtained a masters in law degree (J.S.M.) and a doctor of science of law degree (J.S.D.) from Stanford Law School.

Why do you like to work here?

I enjoy the sense of having the ability to impact and make a difference. I feel I can make a difference in the classroom by empowering my students to think critically and grow intellectually. I feel I can make a difference in the scholarly world by uncovering valuable insight about how the law affect behavior and how society affects law.