Quick Facts

Grew up


Teaching Areas of Interest

Early Childhood Special Education

Research Areas of Interest

Family-centered practices, using technology to promote early learning, and positive behavior support

On the effect she hopes to have on students and CSUN...

I want to have a little bit of contribution in the early childhood special education field, either in teaching or in research, or maybe both. I hope my students could say, "Dr. Chai is really helpful."

"A stronger family will have stronger children, and they are our future."

On the most exciting trends in her field, and why we should care...

There are many exciting trends, family-centered practices, social emotional development of young children, early literacy and STEM in early childhood, etc. People should care because we want to provide the best service for our children and families.

On what drives or compels her to keep pushing the boundaries...

I am a curious person so I like to figure out the questions I am interested in. I like that in my job I can do what interests me and at the same time I am helping others.