My research is in the health services field and, in particular, substance use disorders. I am interested in improving access to care and quality of care for people with substance use disorders. My research focuses in two main areas: 1) implementation and sustainment of evidence-based practices for substance use disorder treatment and prevention, and 2) interorganizational networks among health providers and their impact on patient care.

Selected Publications:
Palinkas LA, Spear SE, Mendon SJ, Villamar J, Valente T, Chou CP, Landsverk J, Kellam SF, Brown CH. Measuring sustainment of prevention programs and initiatives: a study protocol. Implementation Science 2016; 11(95).

Spear SE, Shedlin M, Gilberti B, Fiellin M, McNeely J. Feasibility and Acceptability of an Audio Computer-Assisted Self-Interview Version of the Alcohol, Smoking, and Substance Involvement Screening Test (ASSIST) in Primary Care Patients. Subst Abuse 2015 Jul 9:0.

Spear SE. Reducing Readmissions to Detoxification: An Interorganizational Network Perspective.
Drug and Alcohol Dependence 2014; 137(1): 76-82.

For a complete list of publications visit:

  • Ph.D. 2012, University of California Los Angeles
  • M.S. 1996, University of New Orleans
  • B.A. 1992, New York University

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JD 2501

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