Victor N. Shaw, Ph.D. is a professor of sociology, criminology, and justice studies at California State University-Northridge.

Dr. Shaw is interested in the study of crime, deviance, social control, organizational behavior, higher education, and public policy, and has published widely in those areas.

Among the books by Dr. Shaw, Substance Use and Abuse: Sociological Perspectives (2002) appeared in “Outstanding Academic Titles, 2003,” CHOICE: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries, the Association of College and Academic Libraries. Career-Making in Postmodern Academia: Process, Structure, and Consequence (2004) topped the list of books to read for graduates and postgraduate professionals by some academic advisors. Conspicuous and Inconspicuous Discriminations in Everyday Life (2013, 2015) is the 80th title in Routledge Studies in Social and Political Thought. Three Worlds of Collective Human Experience: Individual Life, Social Change, and Human Evolution (2018) is heralded by some academic reviewers as a point of departure toward a new paradigm in cultural sociology.

For all his work in research, teaching, and service, please visit Dr. Shaw's personal website at

  • Ph.D. 1994, University of Hawaii
  • M.A. 1993, University of Hawaii
  • M.A. 1986, Wuhan University
  • B.S. 1983, Wuhan University

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