We have an amazing set of faculty that pursues a diverse set of activities: different pedagogical approaches, different research interests, and unique aspirations. Faculty serve the university in a variety of ways, unique to each faculty member. To more fully highlight the stories of our faculty, facilitate access to information about faculty, and facilitated collaboration among faculty and students, the Faculty App was commissioned. META+LAB, a unit within Academic Affairs, has been working on the Faculty Project, whose primary purpose is to increase the visibility of CSUN's faculty and highlight what the university represents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a Story?

A story is a window into the lives of our faculty and lecturers. A story focuses on an individual faculty or lecturer. Their motivations, interests, and feelings are presented in an enjoyable way for everyone to see.

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What is a Profile?

A profile is how we showcase our faculty members and lecturers! Inside you can read a short biography about them, see their office hours, discover their connections, and learn about their expertise.

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What is a Hangout?

A hangout is a location on campus where our faculty and lecturers enjoy spending their time. These can be anything from favorite spots to unwind or locations commonly used for meetings. Our hangouts are special to us, and we want to share them with you.

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What is a Connection?

A connection is an affiliation that a faculty or lecturer has to a particular department, organization, or group.

What is a Badge?

Badges denote teaching-focused professional development accomplishments. Hover over the badge to identify what campus group awarded the badge. Select the badge to learn any available information about the program associated with that badge and to view examples of the work produced.

What is an Expertise? Coming Soon

Expertise will be a new system that allows Faculty and Lecturers to connect with everyone on a professional level. Faculty members will be allowed to list their research interests, and proficiencies to attract individuals to their work.