We have an amazing set of faculty that pursues a diverse set of activities: different pedagogical approaches, different research interests, and unique aspirations. Faculty serve the university in a variety of ways, unique to each faculty member. To more fully highlight the stories of our faculty, facilitate access to information about faculty, and facilitated collaboration among faculty and students, the Faculty App was commissioned. META+LAB, a unit within Academic Affairs, has been working on the Faculty Project, whose primary purpose is to increase the visibility of CSUN's faculty and highlight what the university represents.

Browser History

Current Version Minus One

The web applications developed and maintained by META+Lab are designed and tested to work on the most current versions of major desktop web browsers, minus one version: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari. Part of the mantra at META+Lab involves pushing boundaries. The use of such state-of-the-art technology will rely on the newest features and functionality available on browsers.

Additional Notes

Using current versions of supported browsers also provides benefits in the following areas.


New versions of browsers often include patches to known bugs and security vulnerabilities. As such, outdated browsers are comparitively less secure.


New versions of browsers are designed with accessibility in mind from the outset rather than as an afterthought. Outdated browsers might not be as accessible to users.


New versions of browsers are typically better-supported by the development team(s). Even when available, support for outdated browsers can be minimal at best.

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