Quick Facts

Grew up

All over – I lived in 6 states by the time I was in 4th grade. After that I lived primarily in Phoenix, Arizona.

Teaching Areas of Interest

Health Administration and Leadership

Research Areas of Interest

Best practices in Long Term Care and Cultural Competence in the field of healthcare.

On the effect she hopes to have on students and CS

I accepted this position because I knew I could make a bigger impact on the future of healthcare in academia than I could continuing to work in administration. I want to inspire students of all cultures and backgrounds to be leaders in our field.

On the most exciting trends in her field, and why we should care...

Well everyone knows healthcare is changing very rapidly in the U.S. What happens in our field affects everyone.

"When I am at work, I enjoy... interacting with students."

On what drives or compels her to keep pushing the boundaries...

Publishing gives me a voice, and I have a lot to say!

On what it means to be at CSUN...

A second career – a chance to do what I love every day.