Quick Facts

Grew up

Montebello, CA

Teaching Areas of Interest

General Chemistry

Research Areas of Interest

Cancer Metabolism

On the effect he hopes to have on students and CSUN...

With regards to students, I hope I would have left a small imprint on them as to the need to elevate their thinking to tackle the big problems of our day. With regards to my field, I would like to have contributed in some way to the knowledge base of what makes a cancer cell tick and how it becomes resistant to therapy.

On the most exciting trends in his field, and why we should care...

In my humble opinion, cancer metabolism and immunotherapy are at the cutting edge of cancer research. Hopefully, solid basic science research will lay the foundation for translation of the best findings to develop novel and effective cancer therapies.

"The most compelling part of my job is... imparting knowledge and nurturing curiosity"

On what drives or compels him to keep pushing the boundaries...

Personal curiosity and the desire to nurture curiosity in students and expose them to some of the tools and perhaps more importantly the logic and the thought processes employed in biomedical research.

On what it means to be at CSUN...

Making an impact, however small, during a formative period in a young person’s development.