Xochitl Alvizo is Associate Professor of Religious Studies in the area of Women and Religion and the Philosophy of Sex, Gender, Sexuality. She has a PhD in Practical Theology from Boston University. Her research areas include: feminism and religion; Emerging Church, Millennials, and Religion; feminist ecclesiology and congregational studies. She is co-founder of Feminism and Religion, an online project of feminist voices from around the world in dialogue about feminism in religion at the intersection of scholarship, activism, and community. She was born and raised in L.A.

2022, “The Emerging Church Movement: Possible Futures and Trajectories,” co-authored with Rachel Schneider Vlachos and Terry Shoemaker, Cascade Books.
2018 “Emerging Out of Patriarchy? The Emerging Church Movement from a Feminist Practical Theological Perspective,” co-authored with Gerardo Martí. In The Emerging Church, Millennials, and Religion, eds. Randall Reed and Michael Zbaraschuk (Cascade Books). Peer-reviewed.
2018 “Radical Economics and Wesleyan Congregations in the U.S.,” co-authored with Bryan Stone, The Oxford Institute of Methodist Theological Studies, https://oxford-institute.org/working-group-papers-at-2018-institute/.
2017 “I Dream Myself a Revolutionary” in Women, Religion, Revolution, author and volume co-editor with Gina Messina (Feminist Studies in Religion Press).
2017 “To Be Comrades en La Lucha,” Insights: the Faculty Journal of Austin Seminary, Vol

  • Ph.D. 2015, Boston University
  • M.Div 2007, Boston University
  • B.A. 2001, University of Southern California

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