Quick Facts

Grew up

Little Rock, Arkansas

Teaching Areas of Interest

Research Methods, Interpersonal Communication, Intercultural Communication, Communication Training and Development, Communication Theory

On the effect she hopes to have on students and CSUN...

At the end of my career, I want to look back and say that I left a legacy of research that provides strategies for understanding challenging interactions between people who are different from each other in terms of culture. I hope my work inspires students to move beyond their comfort zones and journey into the unknown with a sense of dignity, humanity and worth.

On the most exciting trends in her field, and why we should care

Technology has changed the landscape of communication studies, however, the current trends lead to communication conflict, international communication and strategic communication. There is more need not only for more intimate connections, but workplace is demanding skills in these areas.

"I have an interest in knowing how communication concepts can be designed in technology systems."

On what drives or compels her to keep pushing the boundaries...

Scholarship allows me to understand how the world around me works; what patterns are formed and what interactions have been the most impactful. I keep pushing the boundaries because I am always thirsty to know more, to do more, and to give more.

On what it means to be at CSUN...

I get the chance to take the mission of the university off the website and live in it everyday.